Enable our consultants to create proposals and reports that are clear, engaging and effective. Give us an inspiring, enjoyable and memorable day for our annual international convention.

Alacrita is a leading life science consulting firm based in Boston MA and London UK. On the strength of our work creating content for Alacrita’s new website, the directors asked if we’d facilitate a workshop on the art of proposals and reports, for this special occasion.



We devised and delivered a day of activities, briefings and discussions focused on chosen examples of proposals and reports. Alacrita supplied a beautiful venue — a boathouse on the Thames. We also filmed the day.

Alacrita cropped solution image.png


A team inspired, with a shared framework for all communications. Rewritten documents from the day are adopted as company-wide exemplars. Glowing feedback, and everything edited into a one-hour training film for sharing across Alacrita.

Excellent – fun and informative. I learned some new things and am very pleased we went for the whole day format
— Anthony Walker, Founding Partner, Alacrita

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