The data this site collects and how we use it

We use Google Analytics to collect details about how you use this website, for example the pages you visit, and how long you spend reading them. Google Analytics collects details about how you're accessing the site, such as the city you’re in, the device you’re using, and your internet browser and operating system. It also collects your IP address, but in an anonymised form. None of this information could be used to identify you. Google Analytics collects this information through cookies.

We don't collect any other personal information on this site at the moment, for example through contact, comment or feedback forms. We may change this, and if we do, we'll make it clear on this page.


Cookies and how we use them

Like most websites, this one uses cookies — small text files that enable the site to remember you. Cookies transfer to your device and keep track of info such as how many times you’ve visited, how you're accessing the site, how long you’ve spent and what you’ve clicked on.

Cookies let us see where visitors spend their time, and work out which parts of the site are working well or less well. We use these cookies through Google Analytics. This information can't ever be used to identify you.

You can turn off cookies and stop Google Analytics tracking how you use websites if you choose. This will stop you being tracked on any website you visit, not just this one.