Help us show surgeons and students what we’ve learned operating on complex hip cases.

More than a million people have needed complex surgery to repair or replace failed hip implants during the past decade. Professor Alister Hart and his teams at Royal National Orthopaedic hospital have been developing new surgical solutions, enabling patients to overcome years of pain and immobility. We were approached to help communicate these learnings, to maximise their life-changing potential.



We went into theatre with Alister and his team to capture operations live. We spent time with the researchers and practitioners. We created short films, websites and printed media. And we ran workshops showing how to build on these assets.

CHS solution image.png


New insights and techniques in corrective hip surgery revealed in high definition and shared through and other channels.

The five-year working partnership continues to grow, with several new projects and a book on the way.

The Art of Explaining has shown us how to communicate our work with impact. By disseminating knowledge more effectively, we can help achieve better surgical outcomes for all.
— Professor Alister Hart

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