Help us help the world’s innovators by making patent law easier to master — with a human touch.

The European Patent Office asked us to deliver a full day training session for the annual international gathering of its Didactics department, with the goal of finding new ways of explaining the complex across different cultures and languages.



A full day workshop and a chance to try out completely new ways of explaining patent law.

In teams, participants created and delivered mini PechaKucha-style presentations to each other.

The results were fresh, focused and fun, with storytelling, analogies, games, humour and even improv theatre techniques.

EPO solution.jpg


17 tutors with new insights, techniques  and energy. All feedback scores >90%. An invitation to return next year.

Loved the pace, the balance between theory and practice, and the chance to apply the techniques straight to my presentation ... refreshing and challenging ... you were very encouraging and motivating
— Workshop participants

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