Thomas Heath

Thomas is an explainer — he helps people communicate what they value.

He founded The Art of Explaining in 2008, on the idea of using art and logic to remove the noise and reveal the message.

 It has kept him in demand as creative director, writer, editor, facilitator and adviser to leaders and decision-makers in governments and PLCs, as well as not-for-profit groups, new ventures and lone voices.

Thomas Heath - Portrait
Thomas Heath
Sarah Farley

Sarah used to run a diving school in the Caribbean but she gave it up to follow the dream: being a professional writer. Sarah has looked after some major projects working in-house for our clients, who always love her positive energy, warmth and remarkable attention to detail.

Sarah is a champion for customer service and usability, with a wealth of experience in marketing and social media campaigns. Off-duty, she shares wondrous tales with children at the Ministry of Stories.

Thomas Heath
Pete Cornes

Sometimes you need to cut to the quick. To get to the point, and make it with absolute clarity. That's just the sort of job Pete loves.

Pete has worked with us on everything from large-scale rewrite projects to small-scale tone of voice guidelines.

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Thomas Heath
Janet Gordon

Janet is a highly accomplished facilitator who’s spent the past 15 years helping well-known companies tackle cultural change and enabling leaders to present with impact.

She came to business coaching having spent ten years running White Light theatre company in Spain. Her approach bings together techniques from theatre and neurolinguistic programming to give people confidence and influence in a professional environment.

We’ve worked with Janet since 2008 and love the energy and wisdom she always brings.

Thomas Heath
Alex J. Wright

Our partnership with Alex J. Wright brings together the art of explaining with the craft of filmmaking. Alex is known for shooting and producing beautiful short films and we’ve found we work brilliantly together. He also has a genius for social media, but as you can see, it’s not the main reason why his films have received more than a million views worldwide.

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Ryan Corbyn
Clare Heath

Clare looks after project management, finances and other practical things. She’s previously managed large company accounts and she knows how to run complex writing and training projects to exact deadlines. Clare has a gift for anticipating everyone’s needs, she makes things easy by keeping the plan clear and simple, and she’s never been late. Ever.

Ryan Corbyn
Ryan Corbyn

We love working with Ryan — a highly creative visual talent with a gift for turning ideas into images that cut through the digital noise.

Ryan is a photographic and graphical specialist with more than ten years' experience serving corporate, commercial and public sector clients.

Thomas Heath
Denny Einav

Denny is a gifted and creative business writer with a talent for scholarly research and a forensic eye for detail.

She was previously an editor at Oxford University Press and is highly experienced at managing bigger printed media projects.

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Thomas Heath
Faith McMath

Faith has a background in PR, both agency and in-house, which means she has an eye for a good story.

Having held senior roles in leading service-based companies she’s attuned to the pressures and priorities of corporate communication: right message, right voice, right moment.

For us Faith is the consummate business writer, for everything from strategy and white papers to blogs and social media.

Thomas Heath