Helping a large corporation inspire its people


Capture the imaginations of the 7,000 people in our organisation, by retelling our story.

The client, a FTSE100 financial services company, had a new CEO with a priority — to get 7,000 colleagues excited about the future, following a time of change.



We interviewed board members and explored archives going back more than 100 years, then devised a story to articulate the company vision and strategy in six parts. We created content for a booklet, exhibition, film, audio, CEO’s keynote and roadshow.




Employee engagement and recruitment figures improve measurably over the next three years.

On the strength of our storytelling work we go on to create or enable a whole range of new communications, including…

A company tone of voice, employer brand, recruitment and on-boarding comms and some very successful job ads…

A company-wide strategy presentation, including documents, scripts and voice-coaching for executive team keynote speeches…

In-depth training for the internal comms team, posters and infographics, and concept and content for the annual leadership convention over several years.

You’ve been brilliant in the way you’ve responded to every challenge, and the finished outputs are superb. You’re our secret weapon
— Executive team members

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